Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB'S)



A decade of solidity
( Construction Today Magazine : July-September Issue, 2016)

Construction Today talks to Ahmed Abdelaal, General Manager of BSi Steel, about the various aspects of steel construction, and the company's areas of strengths.


Since the start of its operations in 2006, BSi Steel, Building System Integration W.L.L., has become the go-to company for pre-engineered buildings (PEB) in Qatar. BSi's production increased ten times in 2008, from 100-150 tonnes per month, after its facility was moved to the New Industrial Area. Currently, the company is capable of producing up to 20,000 tonnes of steel per year after adding one more facility in Doha.

The USP of BSi is its PEBs, the success of which Abdelaal attributes to: "The adaptation and innovation of most of the standards and applications founded through pre-engineered business during past decades in the Americas and the Gulf region. It had proven to be successful over the conventional application, which was the only available option worldwide at that point of time."

He also says that the pre-engineered school was able to provide the most economical solutions that could be fabricated and erected, taking less time than concrete buildings.

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